What is Rent - a - BoXX?

We offer various self-storage options including units and boxes for rent in our spacious storage facility. This means that you as a private person, union or business can rent different boxes in sizes from 1 m² to 12 m² and more to store your items.

In your private, protected, dry and locked Individual-Box you can store almost everything! Tools such as trolleys, lift trucks, luggage carts and furniture dollies for handling on-site are available free of charge.

For the first delivery, you get our Rent - a - boXX trailer for 2 hours for free (driving license class min. BE (old class 3) is required). The deductible for damage is € 300. In addition to trailers, we also offer van rentals. Our employees will provide you with further details.

There are moving boxes, moving & packing blankets and other supplies available for sale and rent. Whether for furniture or files, sports equipment or wine, tools or collections - we offer you the storage space that you are short on in your apartment, basement or in your office. You determine the length of time your items are in storage and the size of the storage unit. This way you receive the appropriate box for your needs - without a long-term contract.

In addition, you can leave your vehicle – car, motorcycle, classic car, caravan or motorhome with up to 3.0 meter in passage height – safe and frost-protected. The service "Battery maintenance charging" can be booked upon request.

Access Times

From 5:00 to 24:00 daily
You can access the storage 365 days a year.


There are plenty of free parking spaces available right next to the building.


Our weatherproof delivery area ensure convenient and dry storage.